Signs of a Spider Infestation

Signs of a Spider Infestation

Spiders help minimize pest populations. While most spider species are harmless, a network of webs in your house is unsightly. Spiders access your home through cracks or holes in the foundation. Another way spiders enter your home is through items you bring into your home. For example, a box or shopping bag may act like a stowaway for spiders. The following are signs you have a spider infestation.


The sight of spiders in your home is an obvious sign you have an infestation. Getting rid of several spiders doesn’t mean you have dealt with the problem. Take note that some spiders don’t make webs. Some spiders hide in dark places and cracks. Therefore, if you spot a few spiders in your home, contact a pest control service.

Unexplained Bites

Another noticeable sign of a spider infestation is unexplained bites. Be aware that many critters, including spiders, can leave bite marks. These insects include mosquitoes and bedbugs. If you wake up to mysterious bites every day, it could be a sign of a spider problem.

The fangs of tiny spiders cannot pierce your skin. However, large spiders can make noticeable bite marks. Spiders usually bite when they feel threatened. Some bites happen when a spider hides in your clothes or shoes and your arm or foot startles it. If you notice bite marks on your skin, you probably have a spider infestation in your home.

Spider Webs

Spiders form webs to trap their prey. If you notice several spider webs in your home, this is a telltale sign of a strong presence of spiders. Check for spider webs in hidden places like your attic, crawl spaces, garage, and closet. Also, check outside your home in areas like bushes for spider webs. When you notice webs outside your home, be wary that spiders will move into your house shortly.

All spider webs don’t bear the same shape. Some spider webs are small and delicate and not the typical orb shape. Other spider webs look like funnels. However, don’t confuse spider webs with cobwebs. Cobwebs are dusty, meaning the spiders have left them. The presence of cobwebs in your home is a sign you should clean your walls and other surfaces regularly.

Flying Insects

Spiders mainly feed on flying insects. They trap these insects in their webs. Therefore, if you often leave your doors and windows open, you are letting in the spiders’ prey.

When your property has a lot of flying insects, it attracts spiders. Consequently, the spiders will spin many webs to catch these insects in your home. Some flying insects to watch out for include bees, wasps, and flies. One way pest control services eradicate spiders is by draining their food source, in this case, making it difficult for insects to move into your home.


Spider sacks are small, but they have a capacity of up to 100 eggs. If you spot one spider sac in your home, there are probably other sacks. Even if you don’t find all the spider sacs, that single sac can result in a massive spider infestation.

One way to identify egg sacs is by looking for sacks that resemble tiny cotton balls. The main areas to search for egg sacs include under tables, countertops, and cabinets. If you can only find one spider sac, call a pest control professional for an indoor spider control service.

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, consult a local and renowned pest control service. Eary Termite & Pest Services is your solution for environmentally friendly and effective pest control solutions. Contact us to eradicate those nasty spiders crawling all over your home.

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