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We had a terrible ant problem that we’d had no success with –until we called Eary ! Very prompt service, great follow-up (it took 3 service calls to rid us of the ants) and their technicians are outstanding. The technician explained why we had the problem, how long it would take to solve and asked that we call right away if we had a problem again. We now use them on a bi-monthly contract and are very pleased.

Dave E. Chino, Ca

Had swarm of bees hovering under eaves above garage. Looked on Yelp for an exterminator….called three companies. Eary was the only one that provided a price over the phone, explained the procedure and committed to being at my home within the hour. James, the owner, arrived on time, explained how the bees were entering the area, explained what he did to treat the area AND gave a 90 day warranty. We were extremely pleased with Eary’s services and recommend their services!! Thank you James for taking care of our bee problem so quickly and professionally!

Awesome service and friendly pest control field expert explained everything ahead of time and were great to deal with!

James, the original technician, stopped by our house to follow-up shortly after the review was written. He was very concerned that we still had a tick issue and gave me another 30 day warranty. We also talked about the tick/flea medication we were using on our dogs and recommended another brand to try. We scheduled him to come back last Wednesday and so far everything seems good.

I am so impressed with the customer service in this company. They called several times to follow-up and even sent a card. Everyone we have dealt with so far has been courteous and seemed genuinely concerned. Hopefully this last visit with the new meds takes care of the issue.

If I ever need an exterminator, which I really hope I won’t, I know I’d call on them again.

Had a rat problem, after reading Renee’s review, I decided to use Eary.

The person that came out was James. He accommodated for my work hours and came between 5-6pm, which is great because I didn’t have to miss work, and called prior to coming over to make sure I was home.

Understanding nothing about the rat world, I started to ask him many questions. To my delight he answered all of them and explained exactly what I was experiencing while putting down traps.

He searched possible openings outside and inside explaining to me that no holes should be covered inside because rats are able to munch through walls. We agreed to patch up possible holes from the outside where they may be entering from.

He gave me a 1 year warranty and included 4 visits within 30 days to ensure that the rat problem is completely over.

I will see tomorrow and hope that the rat fell for the traps and can hopefully cover the entry points to ensure a rat free home.

I would definitely recommend this company, the service is excellent and James is so courteous. The fact that they picked up the phone prior to business hours at 6:30am impressed me and there follow through in calling prior to coming over impressed me as well. Their thoroughness and explanation of the situation was well explained.

Found an insect that I thought was a termite, called Eary Termite to perform an inspection. I spoke with a very pleasant person on the phone that gave me a great first impression of the company. Their technician Joseph arrived on time, was extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant.

After Joseph performed a thorough inspection I was relieved when he shared with me that there was no evidence of termites and that the insect I found was probably an ant. He then offered that if I found another of the insects to save it and that we would return to figure out what kind of insect it was.

Eary Termite has great service and great personnel. I’d happily recommend them.

Had a rat problem, searched yelp for a good pest control company. Came across Eary Termite & Pest Service; only had 2 reviews, but a friend confirmed their services as well.

Called after business hrs and James (owner) called back first thing the next morning. One of the techs came out later that day (Victor) and inspected the house for free. After finding evidence of rats in the attic, traps were set up in the attic and under the house. We were actually able to catch the rat within minutes! (he fell for the trap!).

The tech came back 6 days later and inspected the traps. GOOD TO GO! no more rats (hopefully gone for good)!

Was very pleased w the customer service and the quick reply! Would highly recommend their services for your pest problems! Prices are reasonable compared to other companies out there!

My mom had a really bad ant and spider problem. Because she owns a daycare it made it even more of a problem. Received an Eary Termite and Pest control card from a neighbor and called right away. James, the owner came and inspected the house for us. He told us we did have a slight problem and that he would send a technician out right away. The technician showed up right on time and showed us the different spiders we had. He then explained that the spiders were very dangerous and not good spiders to have. He sprayed all around our home and ensured us that the spray would not be of any harm to the daycare children. When he left, he said he would return in a few weeks to check out our problem. Sure enough true to his word he showed up and sprayed again to be on the safe side. Needless to say, Its been a few months and I have not seen ANY spiders or ants since the first visit. Call him he is AMAZING!!!

When you have pests you call an exterminator and they come out and kill them. So why choose one company over another? Price, sure. But also important is customer service. With Eary, that’s what you’ll get. We had a bee invasion where the bees got into the wall. I know bees are our friends, but not inside the house. I called, and the Eary person was here very quickly. He took care of the problem and told me what to do after. We have regular pest control from this company, and every person I’ve dealt with is someone I’d invite to come over for dinner. If you have pests, you want to call Eary.

I have to agree with the previous reviewer. After shopping around with several pest control companies, we called Eary, and they quoted us the lowest price. We had a problem with yellowjackets, which they solved effectively. We then had a problem with bees, and again they did the job at the lowest price. Finally, we contracted them for regular visits. Again, their price beats other companies we called.

They’ve always been easy to deal and they’ve never failed to show up as scheduled. A good company.

Eary has provided pest control for our home for ten years. We have used other big name pest control companies where they sprayed for ants once a month. When Eary came, James sprayed once and all the pest were gone. Eary gave us a quote, informed us of what would be done, and provided prompt courteous service. Eary is are one and only pest control. If you want to keep up with the Joneses, call Eary.

This Company sprayed My backyard for bees over a mon beeth ago and I have not seen any bees since . I called them for a price quote for bees and within two hours I had a technician at my home.

This Is Truly an incredible company. I love the prompt, quick,effective and friendly service I received.

We had a problem with Bee’s swarming the tree in our front yard. I spoke to my gardner about it and he recommended Eary Termite & Pest Service to me. After hearing great things about the company I decided to call and schedule the service. I was given an appointment the same day. Eary arrived on time within the two hour window given, answered all of my questions professionally, begin treating the bee’s and gave a warranty.

I left my home about an hour later to run an errand and notice the bee’s were gone.

I am very pleased with the service I received from this company. I would recommend them to everyone and will certainly use them for any future pest control issues.

I am so afraid of spiders. I was bitten by one in the Hawaii and had a very bad reaction to it. It’s amazing how many types of spider there is. Thanks James for your expertise with Spiders.

When I see a spider I call “EARY TERMITE & PEST SERVICES”. I have nothing but high regard for James and the other technicians. They are always very pleasant to deal with and understanding when I request a specific window of time. I am a very busy person and time means everything to me.

Again thank you for being the knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional person you are.

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