Bed Bugs in Office Buildings? What to Do

Bed Bugs in Office Buildings? What to Do

Bed bugs usually inhabit beds at home. However, these pests can also invade office buildings. Within a short time, your building could experience an infestation since bed bugs multiple quickly. Although these insects don’t cause diseases, they cause bites on human beings. Also, bugs can ruin a company’s reputation, especially if you operate a hotel. Discover steps to take when you have these pests in your building.

Identify the Bed Bugs

Bite marks can emanate from different insects, including mosquitos and fleas. Thus, you should identify the real culprit. Your employees might carry such pests around without their knowledge. Therefore, you can usually locate bed bugs in the following areas:

  • Bags
  • Clothes
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Personal belongings

Identifying bed bugs can be a daunting task. Therefore, hire a pest control company to check if the insects are present in your office. The experts will look for bed bugs in all the hiding spots. Typically, bed bugs show the following signs:

  • Bloodstains
  • Feces
  • White, sticky eggs
  • Skins and other body parts

Clean the Infested Zones

Once experts have confirmed bed bug infestation in your business, clean infected areas. This will eliminate any dead or living bugs. A vacuum cleaner can often do an excellent job in collecting all the insects. Also, work with pest control professionals for the best results. The specialists will disinfect all surfaces and baseboards.

Also, they will work in hard-to-reach zones where bed bugs hide and lay eggs. Typical areas that bugs thrive in include:

  • Break rooms
  • Lounges
  • Behind electrical outlets
  • Around chairs
  • Cracks in walls
  • Storage rooms

Bear in mind that cleaning infested areas doesn’t eliminate pests completely. You might get tempted to do it on your own, but the bug problem might persist. Thus, get pest control services.

Exterminate All Bed Bugs

After cleaning all the infected areas, extermination is essential. A professional pest control company can do the work for you. This way, you and your employees will be safe from chemicals that kill bed bugs. Also, professional bed bug extermination ensures the insects don’t reproduce anymore.

The experts will once again detect these pests in potential habitats within the office. They can set monitoring traps to capture any remaining bugs. Heat control is also effective in eliminating such insects. Pest management companies can also utilize chemical treatment with sprays, dusts, and liquids.

The fumigation process varies depending on the extent of bed bug infestation. Plus, the size of your office dictates how long the whole exercise will take. After extermination, the experts will clean up to restore your office to normalcy. A follow-up is also necessary to ascertain whether the exercise was successful or not.

Declutter Your Office

Bed bugs hide in dark places. Thus, you need to declutter your office to eliminate an available habitat. For instance, storage areas can host these pests. Ensure you remove unwanted items in these rooms to prevent bed bug infestation. Stacks of papers also attract insects, such as bed bugs. Get rid of unnecessary documents in your business to enjoy a bug-free environment.

If you need to buy new items in your organization, donate the old ones. This way, your workplace won’t act as home to bed bugs. Plus, you can easily clean or disinfect organized places. Encourage employees every month to minimize documents that they have on their desks. This action can reduce the chances of bed bugs finding a resting place in your business premises.

Bed bugs can hide anywhere in your office. Thankfully, you can work with professionals to eliminate this issue. Contact us at Eary Termite & Pest Services for inspection and extermination services.

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