Pest Problems Associated With Vacant Commercial Buildings

Pest Problems Associated With Vacant Commercial Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to change, and many workers have needed to perform tasks remotely. As offices and businesses sit empty for months at a time, employees may not fill the building, but pests can. Learn about what pest problems you may encounter and how a pest control company can help you fix the problem.


With a lack of human presence in your office building, many small insects may come out and explore. And ants could become a problem as they seek out food sources at your business. To prevent this, ensure all of the garbage bins are cleaned out and the building is cleaned, even if no one has been there in a while.

You could run into a potential problem with carpenter ants as well. The carpenter ant feeds on wood and can cause structural damage to your business. During times where you check in on the office, look for signs of the ants. If you do not see the ants, then look for small wood shavings on areas like doorframes.

A pest control worker can set traps and use specific methods to help block out the ants. Treatments on the exterior of the building can also help prevent insects from entering.


As the lights remain off and climate control is limited, an unused business office can easily become a place that cockroaches and beetles are drawn to. The darkened areas give the bugs a chance to crawl around, get into small places, and invade areas.

Additionally, one of the worst problems associated with these bugs is their ability to reproduce. Cockroaches can have egg cases with up to 50 eggs. If multiple cockroaches begin laying eggs, the infestation could be hard to stop. Along with the darkened office, the bugs will find their way into small cracks and crevices to lay the eggs.

Pest workers can help find nests, remove bugs, and set traps to capture the bugs. But removing the cockroaches may take multiple visits because they are stubborn and hard to eradicate.


Another insect that can take advantage of dark and vacant spaces is a spider. When computers, office desks, and rooms are not used, spiders can easily weave their way around, build webs, and lay eggs. And spiders come in all different sizes, so you never know what kind you could come across when you head back to the office.

Before seeing the actual spider, you will likely spot a web first. If you see an egg sac, then you should contact a pest control company to remove the eggs before the spiders hatch and cause more problems for your business. Sacs may contain dozens of spiders that hatch all at once.

A pest control company can identify the spider types located at your business and search darkened areas for any more signs of the insect.


Bees may not find their way into your business, but the insects could build nests on the outside. When less people use the entrance for your business, bees can easily find locations like cracks or light fixtures to build nests in. If your building has siding on it, then bees could nest up deep into the siding and quickly grow in population. Without employees, nest sizes can grow quite large and lead to structural problems as well.

Along with removing any live bees, a pest control worker can help remove the full nests so other bees are not attracted to the property.

Get help right away with our services at Eary Termite & Pest Services. When the pandemic ends and your office returns to full time use, you do not want any added issues because of pests.

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