TAP Insulation for Diamond Bar, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Did you recently have a rat infestation? If so, your attic insulation might be ruined or smell bad. Eary Termite & Pest Services is here to help. We offer TAP insulation services for Diamond Bar, CA, and surrounding communities.

Why Is TAP Insulation Necessary?

After rats have invaded your home, they can leave behind a lot of mess and damage. For example, rats:

  • Defecate and urinate: The bodily waste of rats not only smells bad, but it also can be harmful to your health if you touch it. Rats can leave so much waste behind that saving your insulation might prove impossible.
  • Chew: Rats like to chew a lot. They can chew through concrete, metal, and yes, your insulation. Your insulation is likely ruined and won’t work effectively anymore.

Because of these activities, insulation replacement is often necessary. That’s where TAP insulation comes in.

How Do We Install the TAP Insulation?

Before putting in the TAP insulation, we take out all old insulation, along with the rat waste, with a mounted vacuum. After removing all these, we sanitize your home to protect you against disease. Finally, we blow in new TAP insulation so you can enjoy all-new insulation for your home.

What Does TAP Stand For?

TAP insulation stands for thermal acoustic pest control. All of these three components play a part. The insulation is thermal, which helps with temperature control; acoustic, which helps with noise prevention; and pest control-effective, which means you have fewer chances of pests getting into your home. With all these benefits combined, you’ll get a versatile and robust insulation that’s eco-friendly as well.

How Can You Get Your TAP Insulation?

Please call us at (855) 590-5151 to discuss your pest control situation. We will look over your home to determine the extent of the infestation so we know how best to provide the TAP insulation. We are always happy to answer your questions and concerns.

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