Termite Removal for San Dimas, CA

While termites are small creatures that you may never notice, you will certainly notice them and the damage they cause when you have an infestation. If you notice any of the following signs, you may have termites, in which case you should immediately contact a termite control company in your area. Eary Termite & Pest Services is happy to serve those in and around San Dimas, CA. Read on to learn more.

Signs That You May Have Termites

One of the most identifiable signs that you have termites infesting your home is if you notice sawdust residue around your home. Termites tunnel into your walls, leaving sawdust as well as feces dropping around the base of your home. You may also notice your floors squeaking more than normal or buckling unexpectedly.

Termites also create small holes in drywall that may be difficult to notice at first. But if you look closely you may notice these pinpoint holes that are indicative of termite infestations.

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