Mosquito Removal Services in San Dimas, CA

Mosquitos are common in warm, humid areas, such as San Dimas, CA. Because of the year-round warm temperatures of Southern California as well as the proximity to the ocean, you will likely see mosquitos appear around your residential or commercial property.

If you notice mosquitoes swarming around your property, interfering with your ability to enjoy your outdoor space, you need to contact a pest control company near you. At Eary Termite & Pest Services, we are proud to offer mosquito control and removal services to those in and around San Dimas, CA. Read on to learn more about what attracts mosquitos and how we can help you.

Why Mosquitos Are Attracted to Your Property

Mosquitos are drawn to areas of stagnant water for breeding. Because of Southern California’s already humid climate, mosquitos are more likely to be swarming around. However, add that to the frequent rain that the area receives, and this creates the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos.

If you have areas around your home, such as birdbaths, rain gutters, or random buckets, these can collect rainwater and become stagnant water for mosquitos.

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