Rancho Cucamonga Rats and Mice

Having a rat or mouse problem is NEVER a pleasant experience. Rats and mice, rodents in general, can cause a variety of sanitary, health related issues, structural damage, and even the increased risk of electrical fires. They multiply quickly, and can be VERY difficult to eradicate for the average home or business owner.


Rodents, mice and rats specifically, can cause a variety of problems for a home or business owner. One of the more obvious is the sanitary, and consequently, health issues caused by a rodent infestation. Rodents not only leave fecal matter and urine in their wake, they can also track it though your home or business and they move around in search of food and water. Rodents also need to chew and gnaw on objects to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Very often, the item they seem to choose is the wiring inside of your walls. Many fires have been caused by electrical wires chewed bare by rats and mice inside walls.

Controlling Rodents

Rats and mice both are very prolific breeders. What was once a small rodent problem, left unchecked, can grow to a very large, and costly one, in a very short amount of time. More often than not, the evidence of a mouse or rat will preclude the sighting of one. Droppings or urine stains along baseboards and pieces of chewed or gnawed wood are a sign that you have unwanted visitors. It is very important that at the first sign of a mice or rat, or evidence thereof, you call a professional.

Your Rat and Mouse Professional

Don’t take chances with a rodent problem. Call the team at Eary Termite and Pest Service at the first sight of a rodent issue.

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