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Termite Removal

When homeowners think about termites, they often conjure images of tiny insects eating through wood. While this is an accurate representation, other signs can point to termites as well. While the majority of these clues show up as damaged and discolored wood, drywall, and paint, termites will often leave discarded wings, droppings, and mud tubes.

Termites that have finished swarming will discard their old wings. Piles of wings around wooden objects or caught in spider’s webs can be quite common. Another sign of termites is finding what can look like sawdust around wooden objects. This stuff can be termite droppings that are left behind from burrowing.

Finally, termites live in darkness. Due to their dislike of light, they will create tubes of mud that they can crawl through in order to hide from bright lights. If you have found all of these signs around your home, you should contact a termite removal team as quickly as possible.

The longer you wait, the more damage your home can sustain. You can find all of the ways to get in contact with us on our contact page. We will be in touch shortly to schedule an appointment with you.

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