Termite Control and Removal for Claremont, CA, Residents

Termites are a nightmare for any home or business — unpleasant to look at and devastatingly destructive. If you suspect that these pernicious insects have invaded your home or business premises, call the seasoned termite control and removal experts at Eary Termite & Pest Services.

Our family has provided termite removal and pest control services to Claremont, CA, and greater southern California area families for over 30 years. With two generations of our family behind us, we have the expertise to swiftly and deftly take these insects out of your home or other buildings before they can cause further damage.

Types of Troubling Termites

You’ve likely seen pictures of snaking trails through formerly solid wooden beams, the work of the well-known Drywood termite. These termites waste no time and eat their way through the wood in your buildings, bringing in dampness with them through natural biological processes.

However, you may not be aware of subterranean termites. These insects typically keep to themselves eating the wood in the soil. But once that source has exhausted itself, they will look elsewhere — including your home, business, woodpile, or outbuildings.

We can inspect your property for both types of these terrors, and provide full & ongoing service to keep them out.

To get us started protecting your property, reach out at the bottom of our website today!

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