6 Popular Pest Control Myths Debunked

6 Popular Pest Control Myths Debunked

Homeowners and renters often base pest control tactics on myths, leaving them unable to prevent recurring pest problems. Start by unlearning the common misconceptions about pests below to prevent persistent infestations.

1. Pests Invade Dirty Houses

Many people who maintain clean interiors are surprised to find pests in their homes, while others consider bugs to mean that their houses are filthy. While pests quickly reproduce in dirty homes, clean houses are not exempt from pest invasion.

Pests like cockroaches and ants get in houses through cracks in the doors, windows, dryer vents, siding, and even the foundation. Once inside the house, pests search for food and water, which are present in all homes. Even if you clean your house thoroughly, small bugs are bound to find some food particles and water drops.

Other pests are not attracted to dirt. For example, bed bugs drink blood, although most people associate them with filthy houses. You can pick up these parasites from any location, including schools, vehicles, movie theaters, and offices. No matter how clean you manage to keep your residence, bed bugs continue to breed until you seek professional extermination.

2. Pets Control Pests

Many people assume that dogs and cats keep pests away. However, domesticated pets are content to eat and play and often lack the natural instinct to prey on critters. While your pets can chase rodents, these pests know to retreat to hiding areas and venture out when your cats and dogs sleep.

Pets can also contribute to the pest problem by bringing in fleas and other bugs. Leftover pet food attracts hungry pests, which breed quickly and lead to an infestation that is difficult to eliminate. So, don’t get pets with the hope that they will attack and kill rodents.

3. Cheese Is a Good Mice Bait

Using cheese to bait mice is a famous cartoon trope, but you will not have much luck with it in real life. While mice eat cheese if it’s the only available meal, they prefer sweeter baits like peanut butter, dried fruit, and cookies. You may also encourage a mice problem if you often leave pet food out. Smear mouse traps with peanut butter for best results.

4. Bed Bugs Invade at Night

Many people try to outsmart bed bugs by keeping the lights on at night. Although these parasites are mainly nocturnal, they are opportunistic and won’t resist any chance to feed. Hungry bed bugs can look for blood meals during the day, especially if they detect a resting body nearby. The bugs will also feed on you even if you work at night and sleep in the daytime.

5. There Is No Pest Issue If You Can’t See Bugs

Most household pests are skilled hiders and stay hidden from view for months. To make matters worse, mice, bed bugs, and other common pests have short gestation periods. By the time you see the pests, tens of them are likely crawling in vents, registers, cupboards, and under sinks. So, regular inspections are vital to eliminating hiding bugs before they colonize your home.

6. You Can Control Pests on Your Own

DIY culture has convinced homeowners and renters that they can handle a host of house projects. However, pest control is more complicated than simply setting baits and pesticides.

A pest exterminator identifies the bugs in your home and determines the level of infestation. Then, the expert formulates a strategy to eliminate the infestation and prevent future pest issues. Don’t ignore bugs hoping they will disappear, or attempt to remove them yourself.

You must not buy into the above pest myths in order to save your house from destructive bugs and rodents. At Eary Termite & Pest Services, we diagnose, stop and prevent pest problems. Contact us today for a long-term pest control solution. 

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