4 Ways to Keep Moths and Insects Away From Storefronts

4 Ways to Keep Moths and Insects Away From Storefronts

As the sun sets earlier, many businesses rely on exterior light fixtures to help draw in customers and showcase the business is open. Unfortunately, exterior lighting will also attract flying insects like gnats and moths.

The insects can cause havoc for your business and become a point of concern for customers who enter and exit the business. Learn about four ways to keep the moths away and provide a pleasant experience for anyone who visits your business at night.

1. Light Bulb Changes

Moths and other flying insects are not only attracted to the heat of a light bulb but to the color as well. A white light will attract the most bugs, so you should switch out the lights you have for yellow lights. Yellow bulbs are an easy way to keep the insects away and allow them to seek out another location like a street light.

If moths gather around the white bulbs, not only will you have the bugs flying through the air, but eventually you will likely find a lot of dead bugs on the ground outside your business. The last thing you probably want is to have customers stepping over dead bugs as they try to enter and exit the building.

2. Pest Control Treatments

Sometimes, the changes in lights won’t matter as the insects still return or end up clinging to the storefront windows at your business. When an infestation becomes a major problem, you should contact a pest control company to provide treatment.

A pest control company will inspect the situation, and you can help provide evidence of the problems with pictures and videos. A treatment during the day is more likely when the moths and other insects are least active.

A chemical treatment that goes on light fixtures and windows will often keep the moths away and provide you with a clean and safe storefront. With each new season, you may have the pest control company return to provide you with another chemical treatment so new moths do not appear.

3. Caterpillar Nest Removals

Another reason for large collections of moths includes invasions of caterpillars in and around your business. Through a detailed inspection, a pest control worker can help locate caterpillar nests and breeding grounds to help eliminate the insects before they transform into moths.

When caterpillars come out, the insects can also become a major pest, crawling on the sides of buildings and also appearing on windows and doors. By removing the source, you will not need to worry about an excessive moth presence at your business.

4. Bird Nest Treatments

Lights are not the only thing that attracts moths to your business front. If you have a lot of birds around your business, the nests the birds build can also create an attractant for moths as many species will live and fly around bird nest areas.

When you contact pest control companies, you can look into removing the bird nests and keeping the gutter areas of your business clean. Deterring the presence of birds will also help keep the exterior clean of bird droppings or other debris like feathers. You will not have to constantly worry about cleaning off the debris.

If the nest is empty, then a pest control company can clean out the area. If the nest has eggs in it, a pest control company may attempt to relocate the nest or wait until the eggs have hatched and the birds leave the nest. Communicate with pest control workers to help plan out the best options.

Consult with our experienced staff at Eary Termite & Pest Services. A full evaluation of your business will help set up a plan to completely remove insects from your business.

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