How Nearby Wildfires May Impact Pest Presence on Your Property

How Nearby Wildfires May Impact Pest Presence on Your Property

If your home survived the California wildfires, you may have to worry about other issues, including an invasion of pests.

As animals and insects try to evade the wildfires, the creatures may seek the safe space of your property. Learn about the impact wildfires have, when to call a pest control company, and ways to prevent pest problems in the future.

Keep reading to learn about some pests that may be more prevalent during wildfire season.

Bark Beetle Infestation

California wildfires present an issue with a small bug known as a bark beetle. The beetle bores into trees to lay eggs and the destruction of bark will often cause a healthy tree to die out quickly. When trees die, they will dry out and are most susceptible to fire.

If you live near areas where wildfires have occurred, you should consider treatment for the trees and shrubbery around your property. If the bark beetle kills off the plants o your property, then the fire could spread much quicker and faster than you realize. Keeping the boring insects off your property adds an extra layer of protection and removes the annoyance of the bug.

Bird Presence

During the aftermath of a forest fire, you may see an increase in bird populations around your property. The fallen and burned trees in forest fires can create ideal nesting grounds for bugs. Birds like woodpeckers will fly on to feast on both the bugs and larvae. The presence of birds can create situations where other pests show up.

For example, if a bird builds a nest on your property, then you may see an increase in snakes who seek to eat bird eggs. Some snakes will also seek out baby birds after they have hatched. Once a snake feeds, the creature could remain on your property as it nests and finds places to live like logs, brush piles, or directly in the ground.

If you or your neighbors use bird seeds and feeders for the birds, the seeds used could attract pests like mice and rats who also eat the foods. As the rodents seek out more resources, the critters can easily find their way into your home. The mice and rats may nest, get into food pantries, and cause major problems for the home.

A pest control worker can perform an inspection to track down pests and showcase exactly how a rise in bird presence results in other pests on your property. If rats and mice are found, multiple methods are used to help get rid of the animal and keep your property pest-free.


Large forests provide insects like bees a place to nest, pollinate, and spend the majority of the year. When a forest burns down and a bee loses key resources for the area, they may seek out other locations like your own backyard. Home gardens, plants, and naturally growing flowers could become a major resource for bees as they build nests and honeycombs.

Naturally, bees may find their way towards your house, seeking out sweet smells or drinks you enjoy outside like juices and sodas. Eventually, you have to worry about bees nesting on the siding of your home, under decks, or at outdoor dwelling areas like barns, garages, and sheds.

Pest control workers can safely remove bees from your property and may offer relocation options to keep the bees alive and well. Bees are important for pollination, but you can safely remove the danger from your property.

Contact us at Eary Termite & Pest Services before the pest problem becomes too much handle for your home. Prevention early on is always a better option than treatment and we will help keep your property pest-free no matter how the situation changes around you due to forest fires.

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