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When are bees a “problem”?

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Bees are a very important and integral part of or ecosystem. They provide a valuable and necessary service as they pollinate plants. Left alone, most bees are content to just go about their business. Sometimes, bees will decide that they need to take up residence in or around your home or business. It is situations such as this where there is the possibility that the presence of the bees may become an issue. If bees decide to nest inside a home, whether it be in a crawlspace, an attic, or even an eve, the potential for damage is high. The hive, built of beeswax and containing honey, can seep into wood and into walls, causing damage to the structure. The longer the hive is present, the more damage it can cause. If bees take up residence outside a home, left alone, there is usually no issues. Occasionally, a hive located near a home may become agitated by nearby activity. The vibrations of a lawnmower have been known to provoke a bee attack. This is especially true if the bees are of the “Africanized” variety. This species of bee is very aggressive and will attack much more quickly and for a longer duration than the European variety. The defense against a bee issue is vigilance. Look for outward signs of a nearby hive. A sudden increase in the number of bees in the area, a high concentration of bees in a certain area, the “hum” of a hive, or seeing an actual “swarm” or “ball” or bees. If you see any of these signs, the best course of action is to call a professional. The team at Eary Termite and Pest Service has the knowledge and expertise to tell the difference between normal bee activity and having a bee issue. Call us today for a consultation.

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