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The brown rat and the black rat are two pest species of rats commonly found in domestic and commercial premises. Knowing which one you are dealing with is essential to formulate an effective control program During colder winter months, rats often become more of a problem when they seek food and warmth inside buildings. They may also appear when excavation or construction disturbs their in-ground nesting locations. Houses or builings located near waterways, creeks and canals or other places where ready water supply is available may also experience a rat problem. Electrical fires in buildings are often caused by rats gnawing through plastic electrical junction boxes. Rats must constantly gnaw on hard objects to cut back their constantly growing incisor teeth. Rats also live in the most unsanitary places, and are carriers of serious health risks to humans from their droppings and constant incontinence (they use urine trails to find their way in the dark).

Keeping Rats Away

  • Keep garbage can lids closed tightly.
  • Keep yards and alleys clean. Take junk to the dump!
  • Do not leave your pet food outside. If your pet doesn’t eat it, the rats will.
  • Birdhouses and seed should be on poles and in trays rats can’t get.
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