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Mice enter homes through cracks in walls, foundations and floors. Because of the unique shape of the mouse’s body, they are able to fit through openings that appear too small for entry. Many times mouse holes go unnoticed by the homeowner, the presence of the mice only realized after other evidence of the infestation is noticed. When temperatures began to drop in the fall, infestations become more frequent. One a colony finds a warm, safe place, they will rarely venture outside again. Mice reproduce quickly. A colony can grow to over 200 in just a matter of months if left untreated. Prolonged infestations can very quickly lead to unsanitary conditions in a home. Droppings and urine will quickly build up, especially with a larger colony. It’s important to take action at the first sign of mice in your home or business.

Mice Basics

  • Close food containers tightly
  • Seal crack and crevices
  • Make sure windows and doors seal correctly
  • Clean up food waste promptly
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