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Written by J Eary on . Posted in bee removal, bees and wasps

Certain species of bees can become pests in and around home. Some species are important primarily because of their ability to inflict stings, while others may also cause structural damage as a result of their nest-building activities.


Written by J Eary on . Posted in ants, bees and wasps, pest control

Adult ants are unable to ingest hard, solid food particles. They ingest only liquids which are sucked from the food material or smaller particles in suspension. However, they can carry large food items in their mandibles, with or without help from other workers.

Are bees still an issue in winter?

Written by admin on . Posted in bee removal, bees and wasps, pest control

In the Winter, most species of bees will retreat to their hive where they will create a “winter cluster”, basically, they will all swarm around the queen and flap their wings and “shiver” to produce heat for the queen. This lasts until spring. Even though bees may be semi-dormant during the winter, they can still pose a threat. When the temperature warms, even in Winter, bees may leave the hive for various reasons. Even in colder weather the bees will still be protective of the queen. Meaning, if you decide to clean out the shed and disturb a hive, even in a Southern California Winter, you are still going to find yourself with a bee problem. Even though bees may not be as active in cooler weather as they are in warmer, the same rules still apply. If you see bees entering and leaving an eave, crawlspace or other enclosed area, there is a good chance there may be hive located there. The “hum” of a large hive is very distinctive. If you enter a crawlspace, shed, attic or other areas and hear what you think is a hive, call a professional bee control company like Eary Termite ans Pest Services. Don’t try to remove a hive yourself! Bees are a natural and beneficial part of our ecosystem. Left alone they usually are content to go about their business. If you encounter bees on your property, call Eary Termite and Pest Service and speak to a Bee professional today.