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Bees are considered a beneficial insect. Our homes, gardens, trees, pools, and more are all part of the bee habitat. In most cases, we are able to co-exist with bees without any problem. However, when bees become a nuisance, or a threat; then it’s time to call the bee removal professional. The only long-term solution to your bee problem is removing the hive. A beehive is the basic structure where honey bees live and is also referred to as a “nest.” If the hive is not removed, the wax combs normally cooled by the bees will melt and allow honey to flow down through the walls. The unattended honey will become rancid causing orders and stains to walls and or ceilings. Worse yet the walls and ceilings can deteriorate or collapse resulting in expensive repairs. The unattended honey also attracts robber bees and wasps that may persist for several years. Again, bees are useful for many purposes, but hives can be a problem when they cause damage to your property or pose a threat to family members who are allergic to bee stings

Bee Precautions

  • Carefully enter sheds and outbuildings where bees may nest.
  • Watch for bees when outdoors.
  • Never disturb a swarm or colony of bees
  • Teach children to be cautious around and respectful to all bees.
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