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A little common sense can help keep you bed bug free.

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Bedbugs, just the name conjures up images of seedy motel rooms with peeling paint and less than adequate sanity practices. Although it is a very common perception that bedbugs only afflict those that live in unsanitary conditions, the truth is, bed bugs can be found in swanky hotels and in the most upscale neighborhoods. Bed bugs are an equal opportunity pest. Bed bugs live usually live in the crevices and seams of mattresses or the seams of sheets and blankets. They feed on people, leaving behind small, tell-tale bites. You may even notice small blood spots on the sheets. A close examination of a seam of an infested mattress will also often show small, brownish-red specs. When traveling, keeping you suitcase on a chair, away from the wall can help prevent taking home a “special” guest. Putting any suspect items in the drying on “high” for 30 or more minutes upon returning from a trip can also kill off any bed bugs that decides to hitch a free ride. If, after these precautions, you find yourself with a bed bug issue, call a professional as soon as possible. Taking on a bed bug problem is not a job for an amateur. You can often make the prroblem worse trying to eradicate bed bugs yourself. For a complete evaluation of any any possible bed bug issues, call the professionals at Eary Terimite and Pest Service today.

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